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The site offers cars for sale in the UK, listed by private sellers and trade sellers. It's free to list with the option of paying for a featured listing. Listings get deleted automatically after seven days if they have not been edited or renewed, which means ALL our listings are fresh and can never be more than seven days old.

Sellers can delete their listing at any time, they can also edit it at any time. Listings run for as long as the seller wants them to run, there is no limit of time on them. There is also no limit to the number of listings a seller can add. Listings may contain up to twenty large pictures and five videos, with no limit on the length of the description.

We only list cars for sale. That means no vans, no parts, no wanted ads. This list is not exhaustive, rather than telling you what we don't list, it's easier to tell you what we do list, just cars, cars for sale! To maintain the integrity and focus of the site, we will delete any listing that isn't a car for sale.

To enable us to focus on cars for sale, we don't do news items, road tests, articles, forums, trade directories, buying and selling tips, recipes, weather or horoscopes...just cars for sale!

This site was set up in 2011 after a lot of frustration with other sites and figuring we could do a better job! The site has been designed to be easy to use, which means it's clean and quick and everything works as it should. It uses straight (valid) HTML and a minimum of images which means it can be viewed and used in any browser without any problems.

Unlike some other sites, you won't get bombarded with ads here. There's only ONE ad on the site, the banner ad you see at the top of the page. This is to help make your experience of our site a good one, which is our aim...delighted users! The site is made for YOU with YOU in mind!

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